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Born May 1, 2007· 9:45pm · 7 lbs 8 oz · 20 inches

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Alex coming to earth Videos > Hospital videos (05/01/2007)
John gets ready
Alex's cord... and ex 3 necklaces...
John cuts cord
Alex weigh-in
Alex first breaths
Alex first night out!
Alex first girlfriend

Alex Videos in the 1st Month
Alex in the morning
Alex is hungry
Alex eating (05/12/2007)
Alex with hiccups (05/14/2007)
Alex sleeping with Mom
Alex playing (05/18/2007)
Alex relaxing by the Pool

Alex's constipation! (05/08/2007)

Alex Welcome Party
Party celebration (05/20/2007)
The cake (05/20/2007)

Alex butt!

Alex in his dreams (06/04/2007)

Alex sucking his thumb (06/16/2007)

Alex With Bella & Coco

Alex banging his head (07/14/2007)
Alex sucking his finger (07/17/2007)
Alex relaxing! Coco!(07/17/2007)

Alex First Trip: Las Vegas August 07
Paris Hotel
Luxor Hotel

Bellagio Hotel
Bellagio Water Show

Alex First Trip Overseas: Italy & Egypt October 2007
San Gimignano
Alex eating his 1st pizza

Alex First word: "mum-mum" (11/19/2007)


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